I've been working as a theater musician in and around Stockholm (Sweden), for about 12 years, at the same time I've been playing, mostly piano, with my own music ensembles and in collaborations with other artists.
The genre that kept me going and made me continue to work with my piano playing and composing has been the jazz music, even though, at this moment in life, I've opened my eyes and ears and found a lot of good music in all kind of genres and my writing is not typical "jazz" I think, I think my music is more of a mirror reflecting the stages in my life, up and down and hey and a hoo.......

While working with theater I've sometime had the opportunity to write "theater music".......well I see it as music for pictures, (still and for moving), I like that a lot, and my friends and people that have listened to my music, refer it to theater, for movies, and I think they've got a point there.

Another thing about working as a musician with theater is, - it's very difficult to move on stage at the same time you're playing an instrument, especially when the instrument is an acoustic piano or a grand piano.....
Then I discovered the accordion.......what a beautiful, handy little instrument, perfect when the director says, -you have to walk from here to there and then..........., I fell in love with the accordion and I'm still in love, I use it a lot. 

Actually "I fall in love to easily" with all kind of instruments, you can hear it on my record "
musik och spel"

this is to be continued..........



The music of Ulrik Bodén


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