Sound Examples

Bel Viso (Frosini, Stradella)

Invention no 1 (J.S. Bach, Freebass)

La China Leoncia Arreo La Correntinada (G.Barbieri, Stradella)


  • Separate volumes controls for the treble and bass side, multichannel out (3 stereo outputs)
  • Basic reverb
  • Vibrato via CC or XY pad
  • Bellow shake (experimental) via pitch bend
  • Built in some demo songs
  • Adjustable Table Curves for Expression, Vibrato Freq and amount,  bellow shake freq and amount.
  • 5 treble registers
  • 3 stradella bass registers
  • 3 freebass registers
  • All register and chord changes can be controlled via key switches or CC 20 - 22, the CC option is fully customisable.
  • 4 velocity layers stereo samples
  • Treble and bass notes are looped
  • Chords are one shot samples (4 sec)
  • Recorded with 2 Neumann KM 184 microphones
  • UI preset handling
  • UI zoom factor
  • etc….


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