Ulrik Bodén



I’m working as a freelance musician/composer/arranger and as a teacher in piano and accordion playing.

I’ve been working a lot as a theater musician in and around Stockholm (Sweden), and at the same time I've been writing and playing, mostly piano, with my own music ensembles and in collaborations with other artists. 

The genre that kept me going and made me continue to work in the music field is jazz music.

However my writing is not typical "jazz" I think, I think it’s more of a mirror reflecting the stages in my life, up and down and hey and a hoo.......

While working with theater I had sometime the opportunity to write for theater…….I see it as music for pictures, (still pictures and for moving), I liked that a lot and I still do!

Working as a musician in theaters made me realize it would be nice to play and at the same time move around on stage, (that’s difficult when playing the piano) so I found the accordion.......what a beautiful, handy little instrument, perfect when the director says:

- you have to walk from here to there while playing etc…

I fell in love with the accordion and I'm still in love, I use it a lot.  

Actually I fall in love to easily with all kind of instruments, you can hear it on my record "musik och spel



Listen to my record ”Musik & Spel” at iTunes, Spotify or in the ”Playlist"


Trazan & Banarne



This was my first accordion, a ”Hohner Imperial III”

it’s nothing ”imperial” about it, it’s a childs accordion with much to narrow keys that don’t fit my fingers.

It was built around 1930 in Germany and I bought it because I would use it when working as a theater musician in Stockholm (Sweden)

I was around 24 years old so I started studying accordion late in life.

Now I’m mostly using a Guerrini Oxford 2 free bass accordion.

I love playing it and also to write music for ”free bass”

You can find some of my sheet music for it at the bottom of the page.

(If you’re curious how the Hohner Imperial III sounds listen to ”Musik & Spel” in the playlists.)


For me the piano has become the tool for composing,

arranging and most of all,

for having fun improvising.

That is what I love doing, improvise and compose.

Thanks to all my teachers that learned me so much, and a special thanks to Steve Dobrogosz for opening my mind for the art and joy of improvising!

(You’ll find some piano music in the ”Playlists”)

sheet music

free bass accordion